Yoga St. John's

Weekly Yoga

Live Music & Meditation

Mondays   6:15-7:30 pm

Mirabai was born in Philadelphia and moved to San Francisco in 1998. She is trained in jazz and folk, and found the bhakti path in 2002. Mirabai has studied Indian music and kirtan with Jai Uttall, Sargam Shah and Krishna Das.

Timothy Surya Das is best-known for his powerfully moving and profoundly healing CD, Harmonic Dreams as well as his work as a sound healer by infusing Reiki (healing energy) into his music, many report a greater sense of healing and wholeness after listening. All of his music is composed to heal the listener at every level of their being - mental, physical and emotional.

Bodhi Setchko has been working with sound meditation, sound healing and sacred sound journeys for over 40 years. His music is used in yoga studios, health spas and health practitioners offices around the globe.

Perry Dexter has played music for yoga for over ten years.  He draws from the uplifting music of many spiritual traditions, including Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and even American gospel.

His voice is a soothing baritone backed by gentle guitar work.  His sacred songs and calming vocals are likened to Krishna Das or Leonard Cohen, but are distinctly his own and genuinely relaxing.

Antonio Aversano is a lifelong musician who is Divinely guided to be a conduit of Sound as a catalyst for the awakening of Light and Consciousness. Following this calling, Antonio honors the Sacred in sound through instruments such as the Native American inspired flute, Aboriginal didgeridoo, harmonium & devotional chanting, various percussion and other Soul inspired instruments. You can discover more about Antonio’s ceremonial performances and awakening sound sessions at,

Cypress Dubin is a vocal artist, sound healer, yoga educator, and altar designer who has been teaching for 12 years and singing for 35. She is a Yoga Alliance Certified 500 RYT with 20 years of practice and study with master teachers. Her work integrates aligned vinyasa, sound healing, mantra, meditation, ritual healing arts, back care, posture, therapeutic touch, and nature-based practices. The upcoming full-length album release Altar features her signature vocals with mantra, medicine songs and vocal improvisation, world, and shamanic instruments.  A graduate of the music program at Barnard College Columbia University, and SAG-AFTRA member with credits in major motion pictures such as Home Alone. Featured at Pure Yoga, BB Kings NYC, Reno International Jazz Festival, San Francisco State University, and NYTimes Style Magazine.

Robin O'Brien is a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston.  As a singer and composer she has been facilitating worship and creating contemplative environments in churches, meditation groups, and yoga classes since 2005.  With a deep respect for music's power to nurture wholeness, she has had the privilege of singing for and with hospice clients since 2009.  "Music has always been, for me, a valuable currency connecting self, Spirit, and community."